Sometimes We Need The Advice Of Someone More Experienced.

Art Teacher/Art Mentor

What's the difference ?

Art Teachers: Teach from formal Planned Lessons.

Art Mentors: Share their experience and advice with you, so you can grow to be a peer.

There are thousands of art teachers and instructors of various experiences. Trena Ward has earned a living over the past 25 years  selling her art and teaching drawing, watercolors, and oil painting.  But now she strictly works with artist who are serious about taking their art to the next level.

You don’t have the time and really don’t require a teacher but need advice on the piece you are working on, and you need it quickly. Trena is the Mentor for you.

You don’t have to struggle for days.  Now, within a few hours you can get the help and advice you want from an experienced artist.

A Few Of Those I Mentor/Consult

Beth Woessner

A Brilliant Watercolorist

Shabana Kauser

Shabana's beautiful paintings are heavily influenced by her rich British and Pakistani Heritage.

Don’t remain stuck, frustrated and think there is no answer. 

Email Trena and let her help.

"I learned more from Trena in 30 minutes than from anyone else."
"I never knew I could paint like this."
"It's Magic what she does."
"I've taught painting flowers for years and thought I knew everything."
"Trena has a 'gift' to see what I miss."
"She is great at explaining things which help me understand and see."