You Don’t Need Another Teacher…. But A Mentor!


How Does It work?

Sometimes when we are painting, we become overly focused, and loose perspective of the entire painting.  It reminds me of the proverb, “You can’t see the forest because of the tree.”  Usually, when that happens, we do what we can to get away from the painting and hopefully come back with clear vision.  Sometimes, we go online and spend hours researching and getting side tracked, or we wait days before someone to come and look at it. Others, can always spot the problem but aren’t able to advise how to fix it.  This happens to me many times and is always frustrating. 

When I went professional with my art, I had three very good mentors who I would take my painting to. They would critique it (tell me what was wrong), then explain HOW I got it wrong.  They would then show me what to do to make sure I didn’t do it again.  My time with these mentors were very valuable and worth the cost.  

Mentoring you

I share the same experience

For the last five years, I have been mentoring artist in my area.  I also lecture and hold critique sessions for art clubs and associations. Some artist come to my studio on a weekly basis. Some paint at home and then come in for thirty minutes to receive their critique.  Some, I don’t see for months, until their painting is close to being finished and they want experts advice and a finale look.  Some email a jpeg of their painting and I answer back thru email. 

Now, I want to share what I have learned and help take your artwork to the next level.

Below are some photos of before and after working with me.

What I Offer: 

* * * First Critique Is FREE 

This way you can determine if working with me is right for you.

Just Email a jpeg of your painting and reference photo to:

I will get back with you within the week.  

After that, IF you want to continue with me, you can choose of the following:

Email: 24 Hours

$45 Email me a jpeg of your painting and your reference photo, and I will send you back email within 24 hours.

Email: 4 Hours

$100 Email me your jpeg of your painting and reference photo and I will get back with you within 4 hours.